Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome to August boys

What up. It's been a while since I posted. Good weekend for the Blue Cru. Taking 3 of 4 from the Orioles. Zack Attack is Back. Boo yah. It was great to see the one nice play of the year from Gordon. Sell now if you can anything for him. He started showing his true colors again last night by not getting a hit. Losing Ankiel and Farnsworth hurts. We gave up a Bopper and a Flamethrower for a guy that has no power(but can at least play centerfield and is fast (which we already have)), a hard thrower from the pen with a high ERA (a throw-in) and a guy that has a chance to make it to the bullpen in a few years (the longshot). I've read a couple of blogs and it is crazy to think that a guy people say is a left handed setup guy is a good deal for a couple of established veteran performers. I don't see it. I trust in Moore though that there will definitely be enough potential in these guys to make it worthwhile in the end. The real problem is what we do in the mean time. I guess we'd fallen out of the race for the most part so we decided to restock. We don't have any proven hitters for next year outside of Kendall, Butler, DeJesus, and Bloomie though. You can't rely on rookies, so if we make a run we need to dip our pen into some free agency ink. Later skaters.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Scotty Podsy

I'm not sure I understand this trade. Podsy was killing it out of the leadoff spot. Batting .300 while smashing a handful of HR's (almost as many as anyone besides Guillen) stealing a whole ton of bases and playing Gold Glove defense. Most other teams would kill for a leadoff hitter that good. We get a couple of prospects out of the Dodgers. Couldn't we have traded that a**clown Gordon for those same two prospects. Of course some people think he's a prospect. Well what prospect sucks as bad as Gordon? None. The guy is a bad joke. I'm just sitting here like hardy har har. Gordon you suck. Why not trade him instead. Over the last week we've lost almost all of our best players: Callaspo, DeJesus, Meche, and Scotty Podsy. Who's next? Guillen. I freaking hope not. I have faith in Moore, but he should have forced Gordon on them instead. I also have no idea why we needed to trade for a future backup catcher. Kendall still has another 4 years in him. Maybe he'll have to take 4 or 5 more games off, but is that worth losing a whole season on Podsy? I don't think so MacGruber.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tough stretch

Well, it looks like we may have started falling out of the playoff race. Guillen smashing a HR to lead us over the Yanks has been the only bright spot in the last week. Then Farnsworth-our 2nd best reliever and 1st best bada**-gets hurt last night. Then we have to have terrible news like Meche is out for the rest of the year. And that Gordon is in for the rest of the year. Meche should be ready to go by next spring at least. We just need to re-sign Guillen and make a couple other veteran additions to help the club for next year. We'll be winning before you can say spray cheese.

Friday, July 23, 2010

A bad 24 hours

OK, we made a great move earlier this year. We sent down Gordon and moved Callaspo to 3rd. It really settled down our lineup and gave us another good hitter to help lead the league in hitting. Gord-o at best can hit .270 and strike out every other time. Callaspo was holding it down. Usually I agree with The Prophet DMGM's process, but I don't get this one. On top of that, we have to call up Gordon today to take DeJesus's place. We don't have anyone better on the farm? I don't think so MacGruber. That guy is going to choke the life out of our team. He can't play baseball and other people play worse if he's on the team. Ahhhhhhhh!! It's driving me crazy. Hopefully Moore can trade him to as soon as DeJesus is ready to come off the DL. On top of that, we lose to NY our bitter rivals from 30 years ago. This sucks. The only silver lining is that Ankiel is off the DL and he is ready to show his stuff. I've got a feeling that he's going to regain his old form and start smashing some HR's all over the yard.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another series win

The Royals are back on a roll folks. Another series win for Yost. He's won almost all of his serieses since taking over. Betancourt cements himself as a top 10 SS in the AL with a triple and another solid glove day. Greinke was back to firing darts. The Jays had no chance. I think John Buck is scared to play in any game Greinke's a part of. That's why he sat yesterday and Olivo caught for Zack last year. It was even great to see Bryan Pena give Kendall a day off and not even suck! Of course, Guillen gets a couple of ribbies and a double. I hope he doesn't get traded, but if he does he's going to bring a big return. The guy is flat doing work this year. Batting .278 while leading the team in HR's and RBI. And Soria conitnues to Mexicution fools like an All Star.

Watch out Yankees, remember what happened a couple of years ago when Guillen was on fire.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trade Rumors

So, the Angels want to trade for Callaspo. Here is a third baseman that can play all over the diamond and hit well to boot. And they want to offer us a mediocre pitcher. We have enough of them. Way to reject that one back in their face Dayton. If they want to offer us someone worthwhile, then we'll start talking. If Callaspo goes, then who plays 3rd? Bloomie? He'd be good but then he'd lose all his value of playing all over the diamond. Gordon? I don't think so MacGruber. That dude hasn't hit ever since he got called to the bigs. Maybe we should trade them Gordon for a prospect. That would be so sweet.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Rumors are that we are now looking at Jason Isringhausen to come in. It would be a good add. He's a veteran presence that would be a leader in the clubhouse. It's just what a young team like ours needs. Izzy going to be a closer? No, no one outsaves Soria. But, Izzy going to be a good reliever? Heck to the yes.