Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome to August boys

What up. It's been a while since I posted. Good weekend for the Blue Cru. Taking 3 of 4 from the Orioles. Zack Attack is Back. Boo yah. It was great to see the one nice play of the year from Gordon. Sell now if you can anything for him. He started showing his true colors again last night by not getting a hit. Losing Ankiel and Farnsworth hurts. We gave up a Bopper and a Flamethrower for a guy that has no power(but can at least play centerfield and is fast (which we already have)), a hard thrower from the pen with a high ERA (a throw-in) and a guy that has a chance to make it to the bullpen in a few years (the longshot). I've read a couple of blogs and it is crazy to think that a guy people say is a left handed setup guy is a good deal for a couple of established veteran performers. I don't see it. I trust in Moore though that there will definitely be enough potential in these guys to make it worthwhile in the end. The real problem is what we do in the mean time. I guess we'd fallen out of the race for the most part so we decided to restock. We don't have any proven hitters for next year outside of Kendall, Butler, DeJesus, and Bloomie though. You can't rely on rookies, so if we make a run we need to dip our pen into some free agency ink. Later skaters.


  1. your blog sucks and you do not understand how baseball teams are built. The point is, Ankiel sucks, and Farnsworth sucks. The Royals will not be a good baseball team this year, or next year. Ankiel and farnsworth took playing time away from young players who are the future of this team. you know the minor leagues exist for a reason, right dumbass?

  2. Have you ever even played baseball??? They guys we traded were average major leaguers at best. I'd much rather have potential than a bunch of veterans who have peaked at average. You need to quit writing about the Royals because you sound like a jackass.

  3. Completely agree with the two posters above. Just came over here from one of Rany's brilliant posts to see if you as much of an idiot on your own blog as you are in the comments section of Rany's. Please comment on Royal REview at the Sb Nation so thos guys can rip you a new one. Man everything you post is assinine. Kendall and Bloomy proven hitters? Holy crap!!!!!!! Wow.! Just, Wow! Please burn this blog and keep your idiotic opinions to your self.