Friday, July 23, 2010

A bad 24 hours

OK, we made a great move earlier this year. We sent down Gordon and moved Callaspo to 3rd. It really settled down our lineup and gave us another good hitter to help lead the league in hitting. Gord-o at best can hit .270 and strike out every other time. Callaspo was holding it down. Usually I agree with The Prophet DMGM's process, but I don't get this one. On top of that, we have to call up Gordon today to take DeJesus's place. We don't have anyone better on the farm? I don't think so MacGruber. That guy is going to choke the life out of our team. He can't play baseball and other people play worse if he's on the team. Ahhhhhhhh!! It's driving me crazy. Hopefully Moore can trade him to as soon as DeJesus is ready to come off the DL. On top of that, we lose to NY our bitter rivals from 30 years ago. This sucks. The only silver lining is that Ankiel is off the DL and he is ready to show his stuff. I've got a feeling that he's going to regain his old form and start smashing some HR's all over the yard.

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  1. Nebraska Ronnie here! This guy that sells insurance here in the office with me named Ben loves Gordon. He says his cousin played in high school against him and says he just needs a chance to show he isn't a bust. I have to be the only guy up here that is tired of this bum. He is done. I wouldn't even let that guy change the oil in my car. He would fumble the oil cap, throw it away for an error. Then strike out, leaving me stranded on third with no car to drive home. I don't think so MaGruber! Move to Iowa Gordon, they won't notice one more overgrown has-been walking around!

    On a side note, I am predicting a Royals win tonight with at least two SMASHES! One by Guillen, that guy is going to get locked in for the playoff push.

    -Nebraska Ronnie